Hardcore fashion is a brand build by Laurentiu Dobre, a Romanian designer who created a unique concept and launched an extremely appreciated fashion trend.The designer had a stormy life ,but after pursuing various creative arts ,he managed to impress from within the fashion industry. Laurentiu Dobre studied art and design, but did not pursue this road further because of the fear of his creativity being under appreciated or missunderstood. After many years of self-exploration ,life offered him the chance to reunite with his first love:artistic drawing .Everything started with a sketch for an inventive pair of pants, which became a true work of art appreciated by the public.This was the tipping point, the moment when a new project would rise: HARDCORE FASHION.

Hardcore fashion is the concept of the future, an expression of creativity and rebellious design. Every piece of clothing is designed to impress even the most exquisite tastes, classic but in the same time modern creation because in the end we are all different but all the same !

Website: http://www.hardcorefashion.ro 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hardcore.fashion/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/hardcoreFashion/