PATZAIKIN is a Romanian fashion and lifestyle “creative Ecosystem” founded in 2011 in Bucharest by Olympian Ivan Patzaichin.

Conceptualized as a collaborative entrepreneurship between artists, artisans, architects, designers and passionate craft people, the PATZAIKIN Ecosystem promotes the transfer of material and immaterial resources from the local rural heritage, guided by its creative experience and distilled through contemporary design.

As an integral part of the PATZAIKIN Ecosystem, our artisanal products highlight the rural-urban connection and are made from materials that were traditionally used by the Romanian folk.

“De Canepa Collection” The latest 2019  “de cânepă” collection plays with the architecture of shapes, the asymmetry of surfaces, encompassing textures and colours from the fairy-tale-like atmosphere of the Danube Delta. Engaging with the traditional wisdom of the Romanian hemp heritage, we propose a garment that will respond to your urban needs as much as those of your adventures in the wild.

While we are still seeking to establish ourselves internationally, we have since 2012 commercial presence in two locations in Bucharest.