The Plié hat is carving the air around your personality in the same way ballet is creating a sculpture that will only be visible for a moment. Watch the ballerina and her wind like moves; the hat she is wearing is born in the stillness of her breath. And then watch the men wearing Plié hats; they are created strong yet delicate to suggest that real men do not lift weights, they lift women.

The essence of style as an expression of one’s personality; the hat is about attitude, feeling and shared experiences.

Wearing a Plié Collection hat, you will not aggressively change, but you will stand out in the crowd and make the world notice your personality, the effort you’ve put in achieving and what you cherish in life.

The world will be left grasping for air, taking the beauty in, watch and applaud.

The hatsmits and milliners at DeCorina blend traditional and modern crafting techniques to ensure all the marks of a high quality hat.

DeCorina Hats designers are scouting the world for the best and most spectacular all-natural materials, textures and fabrics; rabbit, beaver, wool felt from velvety to rough finish, finest handwoven Panama straw, delicate buntal, precious parasisal or strong simanay.