Carmen Secareanu is an award-winning design company, with work in fashion design, home objects and urban installation, that’s why SORS Lab.

The owner and artistic director is a highly gifted and bold explorer of the relationship between the body and the choices we make in re-inventing it through clothing design with a philosophy witch was close to what now we call sustainable fashion.

With a flair for avant-garde patterns, architectural structures and minimalism lines and colors, Secareanu mixes classical and sport design features, taking her inspiration from the European pattern as well as from the traditional cut-line of the Romanian archaic societies.

She uses a broad range of high-quality natural fabrics, from cotton, silk, wool, linen to extravagant neoprene or custom-made printed silk. With great attention to details, the unusual combinations of her creations also bring in fragments of vintage pieces, in fur or embroidery.

Recent projects include a pret-a-porter line which boasts a series of 100% “made in Romania” hemp clothes.