LUCIA OLARU is a womenswear fashion label, based in Romania, Bucharest. We are loial to our customers by always offering the best quality of the fabrics that we use, all natural fibres, produced in respect with the environment.

Most of the fabrics are printed with our own sketches and drawings, that represent the designer’s way of seeing the world. All the „FACES” that appear on the garments become real in every moment of our life: they can be you, me or everybody else.

We do not follow trends, we believe that the customer should have the possibility to wear our products more than one season, they need to be able to cherish it next year too, and the next one and so on. We are creating versatile garments that can be styled for different parts of the day, for different seasons and for special moments of your life.

Lucia Olaru’s style is a romantic punk chic one, you can have natural white fabrics, fluidty, transpatrency, all touched by a black strap, with metallic embelishments that would empower the attitude of the customer.

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