The restrictions we have been living with due to the pandemic during the last years have shifted our whole view of the world: we have become more aware of our personal time and the time we reserve for work, family and ourselves. We have found within us a great need to better manage our time and to be mindful of our health and our own comfort. With that in mind, we have created |Homebody – a brand that aims to bring back comfort into our everyday lives, with clothes that make us feel at ease and at home… even when we’re not. With an extraordinary attention paid to natural, soft fabrics and easy-to-wear cuts, the pieces from our |Homebody collection are not aimed for a glamorous lifestyle, but rather towards a more relaxed, mindful one, in which our items are being thought of as a way to embrace life, without having to worry about of the clothes you are wearing.

|Homebody is about choosing clothes that make you feel good, that stand the test of time and that you can wear whether you are drinking your coffee in the morning, in the kitchen, or running errands outside your home. It is about clothes that you can wear all day long and still feel at ease and put together.

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