Braiconf has been in business for 69 years, and is currently the leader on the market of manufacturers of men shirts and light garments for women.  The respect towards the customers and its suppliers, exclusive awareness to the smallest details, the concern for the quality of the fabrics and for the entire production process, all these are elements that successfully distinguish Braiconf on the specific international market.

The logo is derived from a symbol deeply entrenched in Romanian mythology – The Bird of Wonders – the most exquisite bird of them all, therefore their queen.  Its powers are supernatural, its plumage is magnificent and its reclusive songs are said to make any mortal younger.

Braiconf uses up-to-date technologies in order to design and produce competitive garments which would fully comply with the customers‘ demands. We believe that the most important thing in developing the relationship with our clients is to satisfy their needs. Our attention in choosing exquisite fabrics, colours, seams, styles, all add up to fashionable, unique products standing for real “pieces-de-resistance”.